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X-Ray Scanners Internet Protocol Open Source Intelligence (IP OSINT)

The Transmission full body scanner makes it possible to detect any kind of cold arms or fire weapons, explosives and different terrorism means, drugs as well as precious stones and metals either concealed under the cloth or swallowed or hidden in the anatomical cavities of the human body (for example, drugs in balloons) harmlessly for the inspected person providing homeland security. The X-ray vehicle scanning system can detect and highlight different dangerous and contraband items hidden inside passenger vehicles and vans, such as explosives, currency, drugs, arms and alcohol. The X-ray inspection system was designed for visual inspection of medium palletized cargo (up to 3000 kg) and the detection of threats and forbidden items. This system complies with the demand of customs facilities, warehouses, transportation operations, carriers, parcel services and airports. This X-ray screening system is the best security solution for inspection of small and mid-size cargo transported on standard lower deck pallets. The low conveyor of the x-ray machine makes easier to load and unload cargo and goods. Due to the system’s small footprint, it can be easily integrated into existing security infrastructure.